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1 In an emergency
1-1 If you are a victim or are involved in an accident or theft
1-2 In case of a fire
1-3 In case of sudden illness and injury
1-4 In case of an earthquake
1-5 In times of typhoons and floods
1-6 If involved in a traffic accident
1-7 Gas leaks
1-8 Lost property

2 Housing and Utilities
2-1 How to find housing and rent housing
2-2 Procedures when moving residence
2-3 Electricity
2-4 Gas
2-5 Water
2-6 Garbage and Recycling
2-7 Bath and Toilet

3 Living in Japan
3-1 The Japanese Family Register System [Koseki seido]
3-2 Notification of a birth
3-3 Notification of a death
3-4 Notification of a marriage
3-5 Notification of a divorce
3-6 Seals / Registering a seal
3-7 Post office
3-8 Telephone
3-9 Opening a Savings Account
3-10 Community associations [Jichi-kai / Chonai-kai]
3-11 Funerals [Sogi]
3-12 Cooling-off system
3-13 Resolving disputes
3-14 On-duty lawyer system [Toban bengoshi seido]
3-15 Animals /Pets

4 Procedures for residence (in Japan)
4-1 Status of residence and period of stay
4-2 Renewing a period of stay
4-3 Changing a status of residence
4-4 Obtaining a status of residence
4-5 Activities outside the status permit
4-6 Getting a Re-entry Permit
4-7 Permanent residency permit / Naturalization
4-8 Choosing a nationality

5 Alien registration
5-1 About alien registration
5-2 [Toroku genpyo kisai jiko shomei sho]
5-3 Procedures for reporting changes
5-4 Registration confirmation (renewal) procedures
5-5 Loss of or damage to an alien registration certificate
5-6 Returning a certificate of alien registration

6 Health and medical services
6-1 What to do if you suddenly become ill
6-2 Basic knowledge about medical facilities, etc.
6-3 Medical fees and public medical insurance
6-4 The social insurance system
6-5 National health insurance
6-6 Items for which health insurance cannot be used
6-7 Other insurances related to medical services
6-8 For health (The work of public health offices)
6-9 Vaccinations
6-10 Prevention of infectious diseases

Driving In Japan

International Driver's License
Basic Road Rules
Driver's License
Owning a Car
Rental Car

Using the Bank

Sending Money Home or Abroad

Finding an International ATM Machine

Bank Accounts

Exchange Rates


Other Living Topics

News in Japan

Bringing Pets to Japan

Finding Housing (an Aparment)

Clothing Care

Clothes Information

Cell Phones

Calling Prefixes forJapanese Cities

DVD Region Codes

Using Appliances

Paying your Bills




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